5th Light Publications is looking to expand it's reach into the publishing field.


  Along with our current magazines, PHOTOSESSIONMAG and Potassium Magazine. We are exploring magazine/books (a blend of the two), we see it as a book in a magazine format. Additionally we are exploring poster/print sales. 

In 2021, we are also venturing into finding photographers who will shoot particular areas for us. A few of these are, Music/bands, theme/concept, and artist to artist interview. Artist to Artist is where a photographer will interview a fellow photographer and or artist. This is a future plan. We will see. 


The Wicked Erotic is a twice a year book/magazine that we have had lined out for 2020, currently it is on hold. To be completely transparent the concept and direction of the magazine has changed a few times over. In dealing with the area of erotic, there are many levels that you have to take into consideration. We will make an announcement when this publication is finalized. Hopefully we will still see it's rise by 2020.