Very easy Submission Guidelines to follow:

1. Submit 5 to 10 images and up to 18. Submissions over 18 will denied. 

2. Images must be at least 300 dpi.

3. Images must be large in size. For a vertical photo the image must be 8.5 x11 or over. For a horizontal we would need, 18x11 or over. This allows us to do a full page display. 

4. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST HAVE A MODEL RELEASE FOR EACH IMAGE SUBMITTED OR A MODEL RELEASE COVERING A SET. No Model Release, no publish. The model must sign, as in signature and must us the name on her birth certificate. 

5. Credit all models and or photographers. 

6. Have titles for your work? Then submit to us the titles.

7. Send all work via, Dropbox, WeTransfer or Google. 

8. No submissions by email. 

9. Our email is: or

10. Please watch for deadlines. 

Model Releases can be found easily online. Plus iPhone and Android have model release apps.

If you still cannot find one then we can send you a Photo Release that this through our publishing. 

But, we would prefer that you secure a release when the shoot takes place. 

Everyone is published, no one is denied, unless we deem the age of the model is a minor then we will ask for proof of age. 


An acceptable Model Release includes the models actual signature. Anything short of that is NOT a valid MR. 5th Light Publications will not accept an MR, without a signature. Submitting an MR minus the actual signature of the model, forfeits your submission. Additionally obtaining a Model Release is very simple. Google has tons of versions that you main obtain, as well as document sites. Your phone apps provides a few model release apps. A well known one is, Snapwire. 

In our time publishing not one but now two magazines we have found this to be the biggest sticking point. Model Release submission and the attempt to pass it minus a valid model signature. This publication requires it. No Model Release, No publish.