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5th Light Publications, came to be in 2018. To be exact the company was first owned by, 4Seat Productions. In December of 2018, they approached photographer, Kerry Ray Tracy about being the editor of the new magazine. From 2016 to 2018, Kerry Ray Tracy was the editor of his own online photo magazine, SESSIONS. Due to host of problems SESSIONS with online hosting, and web design issues, he and his staff pulled the plug on any further issues. Intent on going back to being a photographer, 4Seat offered him the backing to take a version of the defunct SESSIONS and convert it into a print magazine. Not quite ready to walk away from the challenge of producing an actual magazine, the offer was accepted. 

PHOTOSESSIONMAG, made it's debut in Dec 2018 with a test issue. This included the work of a small number of artist who contributed their work. The test issue did well. Good enough that the actual magazine launched in January of 2019. First few issues did really well. But the drama that surrounds a publishing company isn't for everyone, so right before our last issue of 2019, 4Seat sold the company to their editor, Kerry Ray Tracy. The name was changed to 5th Light Publications and since late 2019, PSM has flourished. In 2020, a sister publications was launched,  Potassium Magazine. 

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