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Welcome to our NEW FACES gallery.

These are a few Artist that we hope to work with in future issues of PHOTOSESSIONMAG. 

Always looking for new talent to add to our publication family. 


 Asheville, NC

My journey into photography began as the result of my desire to document my work as a full-time firefighter and capture my adventures on the water as a whitewater paddler.  The more I took photos the more I realized that I could capture really unique moments to share with the world, moments which give people access to a world that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.  I am currently exploring many different genres of photography including landscape/cityscape, wildlife photography and adventure photography.  




My fondest childhood memories revolve around our family's weekly excursions to Fedco on La Cienega. My mother and sisters would eagerly rush off to browse through toys and dresses, while my father and I would carefully inspect every new camera and gadget in the photography department. His knowledge and passion for photography were mesmerizing, and I was in awe of the way he spoke about light and shadow, film speeds, and the importance of capturing the human story in every image.


Together, we would choose a single roll of film from the endless selection displayed on the Kodak shelves, and then venture out into the streets of Los Angeles to capture moments of life in their rawest form. My father's patience and guidance taught me not only the technical aspects of photography but also the responsibility that comes with capturing humanity within a single frame.


As an adult, I shifted to digital photography for its convenience and flexibility, but I always felt that something was missing. It wasn't until I faced a life-threatening illness that I realized the importance of reconnecting with the analog world of photography.


There's a certain magic in the sound of a mechanical shutter clicking, and the thrill of watching a black and white image come to life in a darkroom. These are the things that my cherished memories are made of, and my goal as an artist is to use photography to capture and transform those moments of humanity into timeless works of art. Each image is specific yet universal, capturing a unique moment in time that tells a story and connects us all.


ISusan is a self-portrait photographer documenting her personal fitness journey through the aging process. With a BFA in drawing, Susan brings a unique fine art approach to her images, capturing not only her aging physique, but also the emotions and experiences that come with it.

Through her work, Susan creates a visual diary of her journey, inviting viewers to see beauty and strength in the aging process.


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